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由Aarki发起的“移动领域的女性”是一项专注于提升有影响力的人的声音的倡议, innovative people in the mobile industry. bwin足球下载邀请了许多全球顶尖的广告技术领导者来分享他们对最新趋势的看法, 并提高人们对bwin足球下载行业需要更多多样性和包容性的认识.

bwin足球下载认为,深化bwin足球下载促进和维护多样性和包容性的承诺非常重要, which is why Women in Mobile is diversifying!

We introduce to you, WIM+. bwin足球下载正在向倡导和支持性别平等的杰出人士提供bwin足球下载的特色, diversity, inclusion, and representation of people with different identities and backgrounds.

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Meet Winnie Wen from Jam City

温妮是一位经验丰富的手机营销人员,拥有管理众多手机特许经营权和不同阶段产品的丰富经验. 温妮掌握了跨网络和渠道的战略经验. She also enjoys cooking and loves indulging in delicious foods!



Meet Mahrukh Hoda from Jackpocket

Mahrukh Hoda is a User Acquisition Manager at Jockpocket. She believes that an effective UA manager needs to be open to testing & experimentation, needs to have quantitative skills, and not be afraid to throw out crazy out of the box ideas.





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我提高我的声音,不是为了呼喊,而是为了让那些没有声音的人可以听到. We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back.

Malala Yousafzai